K9 Specialty Search Associates
Andy Rebmann and Marcia Koenig

Andy and Carlo

Marcia and Raven

Fire Search - KCSD

Since 1972 Andy Rebmann and Marcia Koenig have each trained and worked search and rescue dogs. Andy started out with the Connecticut State Police, while Marcia started with volunteer unit, Texas SARDA, a founding member of the American Rescue Dog Association.

After his retirement from the CT State Police, Andy started K9 Specialty Search Associates in 1991. Marcia joined in 1993, and together they have taught seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic and Japan.

Courses taught include basic and advanced cadaver, trailing, wilderness area search, disaster search, water search and crime scene search. Andy wrote the Cadaver Dog Handbook, while Marcia produced the Water Search DVD. Both are available in the store.